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Fulmor Heights Home Ownership Association

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The Mercury  will be be available on the website every month. Along with that there will be an archive of the current year of  the Mercury  available here soon. Please watch for updated information.

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Come and Practice Yoga at the Hall in Fulmor Heights every Tuesday morning from 6:15a.m.-7:15a.m. beginning October 1st. This class is by donation and is for people of all experience levels.

Deadline for submissions for the August Mercury is July 24th

Support our Playgrounds!!!!

The Items shown below are on sale at the office for $5.00 each. All proceeds go to update our playground equipment!!!


This a free call-in service provided through Abington Health for anyone age 60 and older. Participants call in each morning so trained staff members know how they are doing. If the participant does not call in, a staff member calls them at home. If there is no answer, staff follow a pre-arranged directions to obtain help. This is a FREE service, for information: call 215-481-6489.

What does Fulmor Heights mean to you? Tell us your favorite memory or two, tell us what made living here a special experience for you. Please submit your story to the Office and maybe one day, we could compile a little FHHOA memory book!!!

Remember that if you would like to have an event our hall is available check with the Office for available dates and fees.

Do you have a home improvement project in mind? Please notify the Association Office of your plans. Some projects require Board approval and perhaps a Township permit.